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Where do we find the best technologies while simultaneously adapting suitable innovation strategies to address our collective and individual societal challenges?

 An international innovation acceleration framework for alleviating our universal challenges

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To redesign change


To evolve sustainability

The most pivotal drivers of true societal progress started with adapting innovations. Our history tells us that innovation is fundamentally collaborative and can converge throughout different disciplines.


At Global Living Labs, we work in four main areas in climate adaptation, climate mitigation, smarter cities, and community wellbeing through tailor made programs to address the most pressing issues we face today as a global society.


To protect legacies


To build resilience

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A Global Living Lab is a bespoke program providing network access to relevant technological knowledge and answering the individual demand to acquire top-of-the-line global innovations to address societal challenges through international innovation acceleration and fostering global collaboration among regions and communities.

Innovation Acceleration

Access to the best innovative solutions around the globe.

Observation of innovation trends
Access to pre-validated incremental and radical new technologies
Risk mitigated trialing of innovation
Accelerated innovation deployment


Global Collaboration

Technological knowledge sharing among clusters and regions to reach global objectives.

Opportunity to expand venture ecosystems
Knowledge of successfully tested and validated solutions from peers
Positioning of open innovation strategies and corporate identity on an international scaleProximity to future markets
Proximity to future markets

In practice GLL partners participate in a tailormade innovation program:

Participation in a Global Living Lab Innovation Accelerator:

Global innovation sourcing in alignment with individual pre-defined innovation challenges

Innovation trialing of pre-validated solution providers

Acceleration & deployment support for selected solution providers

Becoming an Official Industry Partner of a Global Living Lab:

Learning from best practices globally from other regions and industry partners by participating in events, connecting with industry leaders and accessing information from the Global Living Lab platform

Accessing  tailor made resources (e.g. papers, yearly reports,  events and projects & SME database)

Sharing own use cases / successful projects with the public and other industry partners

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